4 Secrets That Will Help You to Find a Quality Website

Find a Quality Website

Anyone can publish anything in the current digital space, whether it is correct or not; everyone has the liberty to post whatever they want to. Consequently, loads of incorrect content get visible over the internet every day, and the already stuffed internet world find another wave of puzzling and irrelevant content ready to make it more puzzling ocean.

Meanwhile, the general process of finding relevant resources on the web that includes leveraging a search engine, a directory, or sometimes both, has become much and more complicated today. Due to excess of options, chances are tremendously high that you may find and pick incorrect and unreliable information for your use, just to save time or efforts. But, at last, you feel like a complete wastage of everything. All and all, it is significantly important for you, as an internet user, to keep a crucial eye on the website’s credibility and others important factors, any before using its information.

Determining a website’s trustworthiness and credibility is often considered a difficult task as most people think it may require some special sort of technical knowledge. But, it is quite easy, and you just need not be a tech-pro to know about the accuracy of the webpage you are going to use.

Here in this article, I have put 4 simple methods to check it out:

1. Check Website’s Page Rank: This is definitely the most effective and easiest methods to determine a webpage’s accuracy and reliability. Instead of making a throughout examination of the webpage, simply check its Page Rank in one of several online Page Rank tools Like http://www.prchecker.info. PR exists in between the range of 0-10. Web pages with good, genuine and proven content get higher page ranks. So, checking the page rank will certainly let you learn more about the website you have chosen.

2. Check Whois Data for Domain Age (More than 1-year-old site would be good): The domain age represents the total age of a website, and is one of the major factors used to verify a website’s quality. To find the age of a particular website, copy the URL of the site, and check its complete details into Whois, a renowned place amidst webmasters.

3. Check Domain Authority & Page Authority in Open Site Explorer (should be min. 30/100): Domain authority and Page Authority showcases estimated prediction in numbers from 0-100 by internet experts for how well the website is performing in search engines rankings. To check a particular website’s domain authority, you can visit Opensiteexplorer.org. However, make sure you are picking the webpage with DA & PA less than 30 only.

4. Check Social Integration: In today’s trendy era, the social network is stronger and more helpful than never before.  Have a close look at its social sharing, network, and image, and you’ll be more likely to plot a genuine decision about the website.

No doubt, this is not the end, and there are a number of other ways as well. But, if your picked website is passed from all these factors, it would be safe to use.

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