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White Hat Link BuildingWhat if you are looking for the ultimate guide or even help with authority backlinks?

Chances are high you came across a lot of irrelevant sources where all is focused on already-known tips and methods that used to work, not anymore!

Luckily for you, here you can get the guide you have been looking for. All of these methods are highly effective and they are even used by some of the largest websites on the internet today.

Another good thing is that there are no simple tips, such as blog comments or guest posting!

Backlinks from testimonials

Testimonials have a huge role in making a website more popular and better ranked. If you have been using a product or even a service that was appealing (or still is), a corresponding testimonial is suitable.

Of course, it will indirectly be used to build backlinks. The entire process is simple and it is based on sending a real testimonial to the website or a company you used product or service from.

Because all of them prefer adding testimonials on the website, you will guarantee to get a published testimonial with the backlink!

Well-known websites with the link to your website are more than just important.

In fact, it would be a wise decision to buy a product just to get the backlink! Now you can see how effective this method is.

I will have to mention that adding testimonials to websites which offer a poor quality of service isn’t a great thing because Google already knows their rank, so they can even have a negative effect on your SERP results!

Best of  “posts for making backlinks”

Best of stands for blogs that offer interesting and appealing content on the specific topic.  The best food, diets, meals, exercises and etc. are the most popular right now.

The first step is to find an authority blog. Type the niche, year and a keyword in order to get the results. Once you get a list of authority blogs, your goal would be to implement backlink into a post.

The more the merrier, so start your researching and start using this alternative. Besides the fact it is effective, it is the most interesting one, because all of us like best of the articles. There is no point in telling you that well-known websites/blogs are the best choices.

Because this is a highly popular industry, your backlink will definitely be noticed and used.

Here, you will be able to get a complete explanation of the process, but you will have to continue reading the content.

Using bloggers to get free reviews & backlinks

This method will work only if you have a software or a product that can be tested online.

Let’s take a software for example. If it is an Android game, you will search for blogs in this niche. Filter results by removing news, poor-quality websites and etc. All the rest are professional blogs ran by real bloggers.

Contact them (all of them have contact info such as email or social networks) and give them a possibility to test your price free of charge.

Mention the real price of the product, but say that they will get it for free.

Important: Don’t demand backlinks of you will break the Webmaster Guidelines of Google! As a result, you get a review and a backlink.

Roundups in backlinking

Type and search for a keyword paired with roundup on Google. The results are a value to you because you can get backlinks from them.

In essence, this term is used for blog posts that are published on a regular basis. So, your content will literally be used on an authority website, meaning you will get a backlink. All you have to do is to contact a right person.

For website owners who offer the latest news and happenings in a specific country or global wide, this is the number one method and it must be used.

Unlinked mentions transferred into backlinks

When you notice that a website or a blog mentioned you, but they didn’t link back to you, all you have to do is to remind them.

Be polite and even send them the actual link in the message (makes things easier for them). This is probably the simplest method here, but it is equally important as all the rest! Don’t lose hope and stop checking for the mentions of your website.

Always perform it on a regular basis and ask for publishers and owners to add a small link that is hugely important for you.

Tip: Tools for this method are available at Mention and BuzzSumo.

The mentioned tip above is just a recommendation because these services are the most successful in discovering mentions of your website.

However, they require a license which you will have to buy. If you don’t find any results, it means that a website isn’t still very common, known or popular. Don’t lose hope and start adding fresh content!

Getting free .edu backlinks

These links are some of the most important ones you can actually get, but they used to be forbidden. Actually, they still are, but there is a method you can use to bypass the ban. All you will have to do is to:

  • Create a page on your own website that is relevant to education, such as scholarship or etc.
  • Search for schools and colleges that are relevant.
  • Contact them to link to your page.
  • Done!

Another way to get .edu backlinks is to contact them and ask to share your website on their resource page. Less than 10% of them will do it, but even so, this makes a difference.

To search for them, type edu. + your kw and add resources.

The main goal of this method is to boost the relevance if your own website. Google likes that, so they will rank you better.

The first, SERP improvements can be noticed after just a few links of this type. Edu domains are related to education, obviously, so that’s the main reason why they are rated as ‘’golden’’ backlink sources. Here you saw two methods, but only one of them can be used.

Help a Reporter Out- HARO

HARO is a simple website with a lot to offer. 

Basically, a reporter will contact you for source information. You can register as a reporter or a source provider. Of course, your task will be source provides. HARO sends three emails per day, meaning that you will have to respond three times per day with amazing sources. A reporter will then use those sources to create a story or to confirm it.

One of those sources will be a link to your website.

When a reporter from another part of the world links, you get a backlink, which is beneficial!

Keep in mind that there are no rules, so you can use this method as often as you like, but HARO is based on trust.

It is probably the best choice not to send the first source to your website. Also, make sure a source is actually related to the information a reporter requested.

More you use HARO, more backlinks you will get, as simple as that. If we add that some of the biggest news websites such as FoxNews, Reuters, etc. use this feature, you can imagine how important the backlinks are.

Addition: You can even hire a freelancer in order to get the work done instead of you.

Feedback websites for backlinking

Feedback websites are designed to be helpful in multiple ways, including for backlinks. Here, you will literally have to spend a few minutes in order to get a backlink.

It is free, fast and you can use them as often as you want. The main goal, however, is to provide a short description of your website and the desired modifications. You get feedback and you get a backlink at the same time. Make sure you choose correct categories and provide a detailed description.

There are more than 1,000 websites of this type on the internet, and all of them can give you one backlink.

In order to save time, create an Excel file with the links to websites and descriptions. Use different ones in order to create a variety of possibilities.

In addition, you can even search for a list of feedback websites, so most of them will be found in one place.

Shut down business & websites strategy (also known as moving man strategy)

The name of the strategy is complicated nevertheless and it may confuse you at the beginning, but as soon as you spend a few minutes learning about the strategy, you will understand how simple it is. Anyway, I am here to explain you the method using simple terms.

Basically, you will use websites that are no longer available, or no longer updated.

You can also use those that changed the name. Once a website is shut down, but the links are still online, it means that they won’t be detected as ‘’dead links’’. You can use them.

The only thing you will have to do is to search for websites of this kind (keyword + shut down; out of business; rebranded and etc.).

In addition, you can use Google news to get the user data.

Once you have found them, download all the links in HTML or XML format and get a user data. If you feel like a hacker, it is a good thing!

The last step is to contact those users and ask them to replace their links to the link to your website. As simple as that.

The bottom line is that you will get backlinks from useful websites, by helping them replace links to shut down websites with your website.

Using aggregators

Aggregators are simple websites designed to show great websites and blogs divided according to the industry.

Now, you can use them by simply submitting the website URL. Then, you should add a piece of code to the HTML of your website and wait. Once an agent of aggregator website checks out your website, he will approve the request.

This also means that your website will get a direct link on the aggregator’s website!

Most of them look for a simple form submitting, so there is no need to walk you through.

However, some are more complicated, but the essence is the same. The main tip should be a website page on an aggregator website. Some of them may even create large posts or pages all in your honor. In any case, you are looking for a backlink, so it should be the main goal.

If your request is rejected, due to some issues, make sure you correct them and apply again, because this is a powerful strategy! My favorite is Alltop. However, submitting a website is almost concealed. You should check out the Submissions button in the lower, right corner, register and submit a website. Alltop is just an example, and it is advised to use multiple aggregator websites.

Twitter and guest posting

Finding websites where you can write guest posts may be the trick. Luckily, Twitter is here. This website allows you to find guest post gigs that are essential to your backlinks.

In other words, you will have to find a profile on Twitter where the posts are regularly updated.

Note: If you use a Twitter profile which doesn’t post regularly, you may encounter dead ends, which is a serious mistake.

Once you have found them, write posts and leave your link. That’s it.

It would be wonderful if you can get others to do the same people. More backlinks mean more traffic and more effective SEO. I will also reveal how to find a Twitter account with guest posts. Always type the topic and add a guest post, author or write for us. There are a lot of examples and a lot of possibilities here, so it is better to use all or at least most of them.

There is no need to tell you that high-authority websites are preferred.

For example, for medical niches, you can use WebMD, one of the best websites in the field.

For Technology, Tech Radar is a great choice.

Additional tip: Check the value of the website and/or a number of daily visitors. If numbers are high, use them!

Using Scoop It as an SEO strategy

Probably you have never heard of this website, until now. It is a magazine-related user website where you can get a high-quality content about any topic you have in mind. That’s why you should use it as often as possible.

The main thing here is the followers. Some users have more than 10.000 followers and each one is a potential backlink. Creating the backlinks is actually very simple and it requires about 10-15 minutes.

Scoop It has a built-in suggestion feature. Just search your niche and send messages to the users. Once you have sent them, the job is done. According to my research, around 50% of users will accept the message and the suggestion.

It means that in a short period of time, you can accumulate a high number of useful links. A great thing is that Scoop It actually has a lot of users, so it is a high-quality website with a huge potential.

I have to say that some users will accept your request within 24/48 hours, so don’t lose hope if nothing happens straight away.

A useful tip would be to monitor your profile on the website and try not to make it look like spam, or it will be suspended!

Broken links- Use them to your advantage

Obviously, it doesn’t mean that you should use broken links directly. This strategy means that you should help website owners repair their broken links.

If you have read the content carefully, you will notice that the method is similar to the moving man, mentioned above.

Still, here you will need 10 minutes of research and a Check My Links extension for Chrome web browser. It is just a recommendation. You can use any extension or software that checks the links on a specific website.

Now, search for niche + resources or links, visit a website and check out the links.

Simple, right! Once you have noticed links that are damaged, pointing to error 404 (a page cannot be accessed), all you have to do is to contact the owner.

Make sure in the message you mention that you find broken links on a specific page and that you want to help him.

In addition, mention your website that is relevant to the broken links. As the result, you will get a backlink to that site. Simple and highly effective. The secret is to find popular websites with a lot of broken links.

Let’s not forget to mention that you can simply ask the owner for a favor, such as adding your link to the website. Sadly, this never works, so don’t bother to beg!

Read MoreUltimate Guide : How to build backlink with Broken Links Method

Using infographics to create backlinks

Basically, this is a simple method that doesn’t have to be deeply explained. So, you will create infographics (must be original and unique) and post it to a blog.

You can use Upwork or People per Hour to find a freelancer or connect with me to create one. Then, browse for blogs in your niche and offer them to use your infographics for free, and that you will even write a guest post for free.

Share infographics on websites such as Daily InfoGraphicamazing infographics and etc.

With just one share, you can expect a huge success.

In addition, the idea is the main aspect here, so try to be focused more on the idea and originality than on how an infographic look. A number of backlinks you can create is immense.

Elevation strategy

All of us want to know what the best thing is and that’s it. Nobody wants to know the 10th fastest car on the planet, but only the first one. This is useful because you can find a content that is already rich in links and use it.

It should be based on your industry or your websites. Once you find it, you will have to:

  • Improve it
  • Update it
  • Re-design it

Now you have to upload it to your website and look for bloggers and website owners that link to the same content you have, just with lower quality. Then contact them and ask them to replace the link with your, all-new, awesome piece of content. Job done!

You may believe that this strategy barely works, but actually, it boosts the organic traffic (traffic obtained from search engines) between 90 and 120%.

Google Plus Marketing

Google Plus isn’t a very favorite network, but it is popular. As the result, you should use it. It is important to say that this is an additional strategy that should be used combined with others on the list.

The main thing here is to create a page, profile, post on Google + and to create a backlink. This is actually possible because Google Plus allows backlink usage. It is truly the simplest method that may be more than just helpful, depending on your niche.

Top tip: It is actually possible to create multiple accounts on Google Plus, just make sure you are not detected. Use Google Chrome in Incognito mode and always create a new email account. Also, use a fake name, obviously.


Now you know the best and the most important strategies for making backlinks.

In order to maximize the result and therefore get more traffic and better SERP results, use all of these strategies.

I tried to explain them as easy as possible, so even beginners can understand without additional googling, and actually achieved this. The absolutely best thing here is that all strategies work well and they will continue to work in the future, so you can use them as long as you want!