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Your copy has a direct and measurable effect on everything from your search engine rankings to your conversion rate. Since 2008, I’ve conducted hundreds of experiments and split tests specifically on copy, and is my main channel for sharing my hands-on experience. In this category, you’ll find case studies, articles, and how-to guides that will help you find produce, test, and optimize your online copy and make it as effective as possible.

How Long Should a Landing Page Be? Simple tips for getting it right – with case studies

Should I go long or short-form? Is there too much content on my landing page? Should I write more copy? If you find yourself asking these questions over and over again, you’re in luck! Because this article will help you find the answer – every time. When it comes to landing page length, market...
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Website Copywriting – 4 Common Sources of Friction and How to Overcome Them

4 years of research and over 250 A/B split tests have taught me a lot about website copywriting. One of the most important lessons is that friction kills conversion. The good news is that reducing friction is one of the most effective ways of increasing conversion. The bad news is that it can be d...
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