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I’m all about one thing: attracting more engaged customers.

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their revenue with my effective local SEO strategies. Your businesses generate more organic traffic online and also exposure from search engines. I employ an end-to-end online strategy that will unite and boost your marketing across channels. My Local SEO Services are sure to increase your search engine placement, visibility and consequently, site traffic so that you can enjoy a positive and incredible return on your investment. My expertise and methodology equate to an approach towards SEO optimization that is second to none.


Digital Marketing for Local Businesses

Anil Valvi is the premier digital marketing partner for local businesses in United States, Canada and Australia. I help businesses relying on a local customer base expand and maximize their online presence through custom, data-driven digital marketing campaigns.

My mission is simple: Make your phone ring by marketing your business as if it were our own.

Internet Marketing for Local Professionals

How does it work

I'll just go through these 4 easy steps


You Talk, I Listen

Capturing more accurate information about the performance of each of your marketing strategies allows you to see opportunities and problem areas your competitors cannot. 


Understanding your business

Research main keywords using various tools, analytics, and competitor analysis. Develop structure for keywords on each page.


Delivering the strategy

Optimize each page for main keywords, Build links to homepage and main pages, Search engine take time to update links and keywords.


You can now enjoy the results

As Search engines update and traffic increases, look into rankings and traffic to analyze results.

Increase Page One Search Engine Listings

My marketing services for local businesses help more customers find your website on the first page of search engines like Google, generating more foot traffic to your store and increasing phone calls from real customers in your market. Working with me gives you peace of mind knowing your digital marketing campaigns are in the hands of a trusted partner. Leave the digital marketing strategies to us while you focus on running your business.

Digital Marketing Campaigns & Strategies

Certified Internet Marketers

You need a partner you can trust. After all, this is your business, which is more than just any old company. Your marketing partner should be certified, helping you invest in a digital marketing company that is trusted by industry leaders and has proven success crafting digital marketing strategies for local businesses.

My entire team of local digital marketing experts are Google Analytics certified and My PPC specialists are Google AdWords certified.

My experience and expertise in Local SEO allows us to create highly effective, affordable SEO solution for your business no matter what your marketing budget or personnel.

Local SEO with Big Results

SEO is a fluid industry and continues to evolve. As a premier Local SEO Expert, I stay on the forefront of every Google algorithm update, mobile optimization best practices, and local SEO strategies to increase your company’s visibility in the markets that matter most.

My Approach to digital marketing

– I offer you an in-depth client intake. This allows my local SEO campaign managers get an in-depth look at your company and learn as much about your products and services as possible. I want your local SEO campaign to reflect your company exactly how you imagine.
– I provide you with monthly deliverables in each and every SEO contract. You can see what we mean here, but I never hide my work from you. Everything I publish is yours to keep, so rankings won’t drop and your phones won’t stop ringing – even if I no longer work together!
– I am transparent about your performance. You’ll receive a monthly website report each and every month detailing organic visits, leads, phone calls, and other important metrics to your local SEO campaign.
– I base your success on leads and contacts, not just rankings. Unlike other SEO companies who may take a black-hat (unethical or violates Google guidelines) approach to your SEO campaign, we base your success on the number of leads you receive – contact forms, phone calls, etc. This gives you a better understanding of the ROI from your investment with us!
– I create a customized, local SEO strategy for your business. There’s no point in ranking nationally for a keyword since most of the organic visitors driven by that ranking you won’t be able to service. As one of the best local SEO consultant in USA, Australia, Canada, I take a hyper-targeted approach to my local SEO services to ensure you earn as much qualified organic traffic as possible.

Marketing Plans to Generate More Local Leads

Does talking with traditional SEO companies give you a headache? My Local SEO services make getting your business listed on the first page of organic search results simple. With a team of in-house SEO campaign managers who live and work right here in the targeted area, I remove the stress of your digital marketing campaign so you can focus on growing your business.

To keep things affordable, I only optimize websites built in plain HTML or built on WordPress. If you have an HTML or WordPress website, I can start implementing my local SEO services right away.

If your website is not coded in plain HTML or is built on a platform I don’t support, take a look at our affordable website options.


What my clients say

My experience with Anil has been outstanding. Prior to working with Anil, we had lackluster results marketing our company through the web. We hired Anil to redo our website so that we had the best chance getting in front of the right customer and get the lead. Our rankings have continued to exceed expectations. Increased leads that are generated pay for the service many times over. I highly recommend Anil for your SEO project.
Margaret Bates
CFO at Initech
I’ve been very impressed with everyone I’ve worked with Anil to Chase. SEO isn’t something that’s going to work overnight, but Anil has the confidence to offer it month-to-month because they know they don’t need a contract to work with you long term. Very pleased with with the customer service and results from Anil and his team.
Kevin Griffin
CEO at Soylent
Anil is a great expert in local SEO that really keeps me up to date on all of my marketing/website efforts. He is truly a trusted business partner of mine!
Joe James
Co-Founder at Globex
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