The Difference between Business Blog and Blog to Earn Money

The error: Do not tell the difference between a blog that accompanies a case, and a blog that is the case itself.

Quite often I come across a company blog, trying to make money. It’s really a shame. The blog owner has probably invested a lot of time in his blog. Unfortunately, mistaking the purpose of the blog, he just lost a potential customer.

Typically, a business blog is to help promote e-commerce operations of the company. It certainly brings benefits in terms of SEO, but the real goal is to inspire a sense of community and trust between you and your customers.

Aggressive marketing blogs for profit

A blog designed to make money for its author is not coupled to a virtual shop. The blog is the store itself. In exchange for the content provided, blogger urges, often aggressively, to click on the links to sign up for a newsletter, download an e-book and buy affiliate products.

To save money, the blogger should encourage you to click on the link, download or buy something. Sales tactics ranging from suggestive or aggressive, if it does not downright spam. It is now time to ask yourself if your business blog should be a hostile environment filled with spam and sales pitch or not.

Blogging is a popular profession. In fact, some argue that blogging is even better than e-commerce. In some cases, I agree. But this is not the topic here. The important thing to remember from this article is a blog to generate money is very different from a corporate blog. One coax while the other sells, so to speak.

A business blog success

New visitors coming to your website through various channels: search engines, social networks, advertising, word of mouth, etc. Having found your website, most visitors will want to know more about your company. Can we trust you? Do you treat your customers well? Are you environmentally conscious? Do you support your community?

The answer to all these questions and more should be in your blog. Otherwise, you have a problem. Even worse, if you transform a company blog with live sales channel, you deceive and scare away potential customers. When a customer is ready to listen to your sales pitch, he will enter into your online store. When he wants to know more about you and your business, this is the blog that goes.

That your blog MUST have.

  • Show your human side.
  • Talk about your family, your hobbies and what you do during your free time.
  • Allow your employees to show them as their humanity.
  • Tell what you do to support your community.
  • Post photos, videos and honest evidence.

The idea here is to engage the community and create friendships. People trust their friends and want to help. The friends support one another. These are the feelings that you should promote through your business blog.

What your blog should NOT do.

  • Make your own product reviews. This is a blatant conflict of interest. If you are one of those traders who review their own products, earn a little integrity!
  • Sell explicitly. You have an online store to sell your products. You have a basket and checkout page. Use, therefore, not your blog to make sales. Before leaving my credit card, I like to know who I paid my money. Are you are not interested in the fact to show you, or have something to hide?
  • Bombard the advertisements to the visitor. I come to your blog to learn about your business, not to be a victim of an ad campaign.


During the development of your business blog, do not confuse with saving money. They are both legitimate forms of blogs, but “becoming visitors the customers of your store” should be the motivate of company blog. It’s a chance to impress, inspire confidence and get in touch with your community. Leave your e-commerce platform to sales work. Keep the friendly smiles and handshakes for the blog.

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