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Are You Investing Wisely in Essential Skills?

Essential Skills

We have just passed the annual Essential Skills Day.

This is a day in which the skills of workers in Canada are celebrated. It makes up a week long action known as the Learn @ Work Week.

If you are just starting out with your business, or if you are trying to make your business grow, you will want to make sure that you are investing wisely in your staff and that you are creating a great foundation of essential skills.

This is essential when it comes to reaching the goals that you have set for your business.

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A Few Myths About Blogging Uncovered

Few Myths

Most business owners have heard a lot about social media marketing and blogging, but some of them just don’t really know how to get started or how to continue their marketing efforts.  There are a lot of fears out there that need to be overcome.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

10 Call-to-Action Case Studies w/ Takeaways & Examples from Real Button Tests

When it comes to conversion rate optimization, your call-to-action buttons are the ultimate low-hanging fruit. Even minor tweaks to button design and copy can have major impact on conversions.

Here are 10 examples from A/B tests I’ve conducted, where I’ve experimented with everything from copy and button design over to the placement of the button.

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Link Building

3 Ways to Increase Your Backlinks in 2016


The back links and the off page SEO are one of the main factors in getting higher search engine position. If you already made your site or you just have hired some designer to put together your site, then you have to know that half of your job is completed. But the other half, the hardest one, is to obtain more backlinks.

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Interviews Link Building Search Marketing

How to Reduce the Effect of Google Panda

The days are gone, where you can just stuff your pages with keywords, highlight with h1, h2 tags, bold, italicize, use SEO plugins etc  to rank better in Google.

With Google Panda update rolling every month and making huge changes, it’d be difficult to rank in Google unless you’ve good link-building strategy and quality content.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

How Long Should a Landing Page Be? Simple tips for getting it right with case studies

Landing Page Be Simple tips

Should I go long or short-form? Is there too much content on my landing page? Should I write more copy?

If you find yourself asking these questions over and over again, you’re in luck! Because this article will help you find the answer – every time.

When it comes to landing page length, marketers seem to be divided into two groups: those who swear to long-form, and those who swear to short-form.

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The Difference between Business Blog and Blog to Earn Money

Business Blog and Blog to Earn Money

The error: Do not tell the difference between a blog that accompanies a case, and a blog that is the case itself.

Quite often I come across a company blog, trying to make money. It’s really a shame. The blog owner has probably invested a lot of time in his blog. Unfortunately, mistaking the purpose of the blog, he just lost a potential customer.

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Link Building Search Marketing

The Importance of Guest Posting for SEO

Guest Posting for SEO

Guest posting is one of the best ways to build your online business.

Few people, even those who actually guest post, realize the benefits of this strategy.

The best part is that guest posting will work just as well for a large corporation as it would for a solo blogger. Here are some benefits you’ll reap from a well-planned guest posting strategy.

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Digital Marketing Social Media

3 Ways Social Media Affects Your Search Engine Rankings

Social Media Affects Your Search Engine Rankings

Social media engagement has helped businesses increase their website traffic, promote products and services, and generate new leads. Another important benefit of social media engagement is that it has proven to be an effective link building strategy for search engine optimization. Here are 3 ways social media affect search engine rankings.

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How to blog with success – essential tips?

Blog Essential Tips

Many bloggers think that blogging is a pretty easy way to make some online earnings, but most of them soon or later realize that it takes more than 1 hour work per day to be so successful blogger who is able to drive a lot of traffic to his site.

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