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The New Age of Link Building 2018 – How to Build Trust

Almost everyone in the world of Internet business is aware and knowledgeable of SEO and link building, but only a few know how to really make most of it. Why?

It’s simple, it’s because most Internet marketers, bloggers, SEO practitioners, etc are already accustomed to the idea of links make your online business visible. Of course, that is what everyone is really aiming at, more traffic.

But one thing that we all know – but we wouldn’t dare to touch – is the concept of constant evolution of Internet and search marketing, in which we are all scared to reinvent the existing wheel and experiment on something futuristic.

Anyway, I wouldn’t really discuss super advanced methodologies here. I’ll just help explain how and why your web marketing plans should shift its fundamental principles to much greater heights, which means more power to your campaign and more profits to gain.

Build trust not links

Trust is never earned overnight. It takes months (even years at most), but the point is that your SEO campaign should always look for long-standing investments rather than focusing on the shortest way around in getting traffic and higher rankings.

Taking things too fast will just make search engines suspect that your site is doing blackhat, and you don’t want that!

We often resort to easy to get links when it comes to link building, say you can get 20 high quality backlinks overnight through blog comments, forum postings, etc, but will those be of help in giving you the trust that real people and search engines seek? What I’m talking about is real value seen by both to consider your site as a good reference.

A recommendation in which all that will see your link will be already well acquainted with what your site is offering even before reaching it.

Erase dofollow and nofollow in your vocabulary

When you are building trust, you don’t need link attributes such as nofollow and dofollow links! The only important thing is that you build your links from highly reputable, quality and best of all – topically relevant sites.

Becoming an authority in your field needs a lot of work and it involves smart link building strategies. The best way to do this is to make sure that your link development efforts should look way more natural than the natural that we all know about (like anchor texts varies, have both dofollow and nofollow links built, etc…).

So how can you do this? Be choosy with the sites you are linking from. Choose the ones that will really emphasis “trust” in both the eyes of people and search engines.

Aside from doing small-time off-page SEO methodologies and concentrate on getting real value from your links.

Rich keyphrase anchor texts are desperate

When your site is already ranking for your targeted keywords, it always means that you are already relevant to that search term.

But what’s lacking that you are still stuck on the second page or elsewhere? It’s the trust! They don’t trust you enough that’s why they are placing you behind as reserve.

You don’t actually need to force search engines to see that you are relevant to a certain search term through a huge amount of spammy anchor text links pointing to your site because they already know that your page is pertaining to your desired keywords.

What they need to see is if you can be trusted before they can start placing you in a much higher position, and it takes time to have that trust.

It’s best to use your own brand or just your name in building links once search engines already tagged your site as a candidate for your targeted keyword.

But it’s also best to use your keywords as anchor texts whenever there’s a good opportunity to do so (I highly suggest on guest blogging and internal linking).

The Best Ways to build trust

Guest Blog Posting

1.    Make a list of authority websites related to your industry (with high PR, high keyword rankings, high Alexa traffic rank, good web design and have an excellent community)

2.    Try to contact them and request if you can write a guest post on their site

3.    Create a remarkable content wherein you can fully showcase your expertise about the field, in order to gain the trust of their readers.

4.    Put a solid call to action at every end of your posts.

5.    Be proud of your brand and make sure that it is included as your external link on your author bio box.

6.    Connect with their readers through blog comments once your entry is published on their blogs. And note, you don’t need to overdo backlinks from your responses.

Link Baiting/Highly Linkable Materials

1.    You can choose to post it on your own blog or on other popular/authority blogs.

2.    Make the content highly resourceful! Spill your secrets here and include results to make it more credible. These kinds of entries are usually composed of 1,000 words or greater. It doesn’t necessarily need to be too controversial, just be sure that the content has value to anyone who can read it.

3.    Market your posts. Share it through social media channels, high quality RSS feed directories (MyBlogLog and Feedage), reputable forums, Q&A sites (Quora) and social bookmarking sites.

4.    Let other experts read it! Email it to them if you are confident about it, mention their name to get their attention, or whatever, just be sure that someone knowledgeable within your industry reads it to enhance your chances of spreading it to the community.

5.    If the post you’ve made is really topnotch that you think it will definitely be helpful to the community, then start contacting .edu and .gov sites to have that post included on their resources. It’s best to search for a specific page wherein your entry will really suit well, or perhaps make an article with the sole purpose of getting listed to .edu and .gov reference pages.

There are many other ways that you can do to build trust (free Ebooks and Reports); knowing that the best way to gain trust over the Internet is to give real value at first.

If you want to know more about SEO and Link building, you may want to contact me.

Anil Valvi

Hi, I’m Anil Valvi – I optimize websites and decision-making processes. I’ve spent about 60 hours a week testing and optimizing websites to gain a deeper understanding of what really works in Online Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization. Digital Marketing Consultant, Product Designer, Technologist & Inventor. Passionate about Online Advertising and Social Media.

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