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Most Effective White Hat Link​ ​​Building Methods : The Ultimate Guide

Link Building Method

What if you are looking for the ultimate guide or even help with authority back links?

Chances are high you came across a lot of irrelevant sources where all is focused on already-known tips and methods that used to work, not anymore!

Luckily for you, here you can get the guide you have been looking for. All of these methods are highly effective and they are even used by some of the largest websites on the internet today.

Another good thing is that there are no simple tips, such as blog comments or guest posting!

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Ultimate Guide : How to build backlink with Broken Links Method

What is Broken links Method ?

Broken links method is most popular in link building activities, but only if and when they are repaired.

Repairing broken link means that you will have to replace it with the original URL or with a new one, which I’ll be discussing here.

In general terms of SEO, link building can be divided as back links and broken links building.

Although back links are commonly used, broken links are more relevant, because they are more specific.

Another reason is the fact this strategy literally makes the internet a better place because it eliminates the errors.

Search engines pay a special attention to this, meaning that your link building strategy will be appreciated and awarded with higher organic traffic.

The definition is that you will help webmasters to replace broken links and therefore have a more relevant and better content on their websites.

At the same time, they will link to your websites, which is mutual benefit.

Below I will try to assist you by giving you the ultimate guide for creating amazing links that will not only boost the traffic on the website but only spread your content across the internet.

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The New Age of Link Building 2017– How to Build Trust

Almost everyone in the world of Internet business is aware and knowledgeable of SEO and link building, but only a few know how to really make most of it. Why?

It’s simple, it’s because most Internet marketers, bloggers, SEO practitioners, etc are already accustomed with the idea of links make your online business visible. Of course that is what everyone is really aiming at, more traffic.

But one thing that we all know – but we wouldn’t dare to touch – is the concept of constant evolution of Internet and search marketing, in which we are all scared to reinvent the existing wheel and experiment on something futuristic.

Anyway, I wouldn’t really discuss super advanced methodologies here. I’ll just help explain how and why your web marketing plans should shift its fundamental principles to much greater heights, which means more power to your campaign and more profits to gain.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Get Testimonials for Your Business Now

Before coming to us, some of our customers failed to understand the importance of testimonials and reviews for their business. Most businesses have problems collecting testimonials efficiently or don’t know what to do with them when collected. Absolutely no one told us they measured the use of testimonials and their value to business.

For these reasons I decided to write a testimonial guide and share some valuable tips and expertise in the field. The first part explains some of the benefits of testimonials and will show you why you should get testimonials now. 

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How to Optimize Images for Online Stores

Optimize Images for Online Stores

Image optimization is a main part for creating a winning situation for an eCommerce site. Since most people generally find about any thing of their products online, your product would have a good chance like any other to disappear in front of customers, if your images are not optimized as needed.

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How to Promote Your Website on Internet for Free?

Promote Your Website

Some of the Free Ways of Promoting a Website Are:

  1. Article Marketing: Article marketing is one of the popular ways of promoting a website. The procedure involves writing a quality article and then submitting it to popular article directory or other places over the internet,  with a link at the end. Multiple articles submitted regularly at the right places will be helpful in driving visitors to your site. If you can write articles by yourself, then it wont cost you anything as well.
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Finally Proofed: Google Uses Time Spent At Search

All times we ask ourselves to what extent Google use the data of the visitors to our site and employ to improve organic search results.

Under “usage data” I mean the things that we can find in Google Analytics as “Pages per visit”, “average time on page”, “Bounce”, etc.

It is obvious to expect that Google will use this information; there they show very well how the visitors are satisfied with the relevant search results. Was it not for Google insisting that the statistics from Google Analytics will not be used in the organic results: “we do not use Google analytics in our ranking in any way”?

We can prove that “usage data” is indeed used, not from the Google Analytics data itself, but at least by other routes.

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Get Top Quality Links and Traffic Through Infographics


Quality links have been a lure for global online marketers, even before the introduction of panda, penguin and recently launched Hummingbird. If you have even a small knowledge about the SEO and its recent happening, you just can’t deny the value of quality links couldn’t be better; today they are on the top of priorities. These extra value links can’t just make you receive an exceeded amount of traffic and visibility, they can even let you grab higher spots in Google search ranking as well. Although, their impacts have been slowed by the search giant in most of last few years, but having some patience and keep doing good to gain high value links, will surely do wonders for your website.

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Attracting Links in More a Boring Niche

Attracting Links

To bring readers to your site, especially if your niche is something that is not very popular, can be difficult at best.

If your audience is limited, then you might find yourself having a hard time getting the links that you need in order to be profitable.

There are many sites out there that are full of content that is very well written, but is just not read by many people.

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Are You Taking Advantage of Inbound Marketing?

Advantage of Inbound Marketing

There are two different types of marketing- outbound and inbound.

Outbound marketing is all about drawing attention to your business through various different forms of media.

There is print, television, radio, and billboard advertising.  Most people are very familiar with this form of marketing, but some people don’t really focus on the inbound marketing as much.

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