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Links, Backs and Local Search: An Interview with Dr. Michael Dorausch

I talked to Michael Dorausch (a.k.a. Dr. Mike), a real Los Angeles Chiropractor (ADIOLA). Also Planet Chiropractic guy, SEO Speaker, Distance Runner, Author and Photographer..

Michael has an impressive background in both chiropractic and online marketing. Through marketing his business and his site for chiropractors, he’s become well-rounded in SEO, social media and content creation.

I asked Dr. Mike about some local search topics, including how online reviews affect rankings and the importance of photos.  I even got him to dish a bit about his celebrity clients (he’s based in LA!)…

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Interview with Jason Acidre

Please give us your short bio.

I’m Jason Acidre, born and raised in the Philippines. I started out as a Pro-Counter strike Gamer and was an aspiring musician, before I entered the world of Search.

Now, I currently work as a Marketing Consultant for Doubledot Media Ltd., a New Zealand-based Web Development Company who serves more than 400,000 Internet professionals worldwide through brands such as Affilorama, Salehoo, Traffic Travis and many more.

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How to Reduce the Effect of Google Panda

The days are gone, where you can just stuff your pages with keywords, highlight with h1, h2 tags, bold, italicize, use SEO plugins etc  to rank better in Google.

With Google Panda update rolling every month and making huge changes, it’d be difficult to rank in Google unless you’ve good link-building strategy and quality content.

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How to Get 25,000 Visitors Per Month?