How Guest Blogging Will Change After Next Penguin 2.0

The most pop approach of building back links at present is guest blogging that’s why it so pop? Simply, it’s so successful at increasing keyword ranking – while it’s performed over and over again and once those guest contents are posted on trustworthy domains that are applicable.

I accept it as true that it will still keep on being successful after the next big Penguin update, though the method in which you make backlinks with guest blogging may revolutionize.


It is how I believe guest bloggers will have an effect upon:

Stepping-down the value of websites

Blogs that have built a lot of outbound links from a single website will sooner or later become targeted with a penalty. Google loves it best as soon as you make backlinks to lots of other sites that are trustworthy. At the same time as you write, find lines to naturally make links into your posts.

Blogs that do not have pages that have not considerable posts or that have unrelated content may be targeted with a penalty. If they would not target with a penalty for example then at least the backlinks they create within their posts won’t get much influence or weight.

People who make a routine of regularly posting unrelated links and posts simultaneously will have their blogs considerably devalued.

Stepping-down the value of Backlinks

Do you have a keyword optimized rich text backlink in the first part of your post? Sorry to say, those backlinks may likely take less influence soon.

Repeating older formerly published posts and posting them again with embed links? Sorry to say, those sorts of links may also not take as much influence in upcoming time. They’ve previously lost some importance in the previous year. This inclination will carry on.

The backlinks that you get in the author biography section may no longer take the similar power as they did last time. After this it is achievable and likely that those backlinks will provide even less power than they presently do.

The Rise of Co-existence as a Ranking Factor

Some signals that encourage rankings: keyword position, anchor text, backlinks and influence – have long been a practice altogether as soon as trying to get higher ranking for your website. Over the previous numerous decades there’s been a style of references emerging to develop local rankings I believe that we’re finding more existence of words and backlinks. Anchor text will probably still play a significant job and provide warning signs but soon Google will be searching links and anchor text in a special way.

You can observe examples of co-existence in play whenever you look around a Google search page and find websites higher ranking without the existence of reliable links, related anchor text and links.

Author Rank

Author rank is site where you publish the contents. If you keep posting your great contents with regular schedule then Google would soon start considering more authority and emphasize on your content.

On the other hand, if you always publish content of low quality, Google will be tagging that as well and you’ll see a lot \of the backlinks in those kinds of content degraded in time, in spite of if your content is posted on a domain of high authority. In a word, Google will not just be degrading sites and its backlinks, but also degrading authors too.

Here are some thins to consider your contents great:

  • Do they add up something from start to finish or just confusing?
  • Are you going to offer a reasonable value to the visitors or just publishing rubbish contents?

Social Media Sings

Most bloggers will notice that the more your content conversed and shared on social media, the better will be indexed in Google results. While considering this case, in these days, a number of bloggers have been managing the game by paying online marketing companies to produce votes, shares and likes for their content in massive amount on social media sites.

What may be taken out after next Penguin update is that Google would not almost certainly notice well the quantity of social shares and notice more how the contents are shared. For example, if a person having 250 to 400 friends, share your contents, will provide them more authority in Google results. On the other hand, if a person having 30,000 to 40,000 friends shares your contents, Google would not consider such contents.

In Summary

Some above things may not be considered when the next Penguin update will be released, however, in my opinion they may be on the target of next algorithm update.

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