Digital Marketing Training Program

Who Should Attend…?

1- Marketing Executives
2- Advertising Professionals
3- Sales executives
4- BD Managers
5- Executives in PR
6- Entrepreneurs
7- IT Professionals
8- CXO’s
9- Students- MBA, Btech, or anyone who wants to understand & learn Digital Marketing concepts.

What You Learn?

Online Advertising
Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing
Adsense Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
91% of people who use internet uses search engines like Google to find relevant pages/websites on web. This means that search engines contribute the majority of traffic to the websites. SEO is a technique or process to increase a website rank on search engine results pages for any given keyword (what we search on Google). High rank on a website means more traffic which results in increased sales & revenue. People who know how to do SEO are in great demand by companies and agencies. Learn how to do SEO of a website and work as a freelancer or work in any marketing company as an SEO executive
Search Engine Marketing
It includes adwords & analytics. In adwords (pay per click ads) we cover how to build an advertising campaign on Google targeting appropriate keywords to increase business online and at the same time checking the output of the campaign. Analytics includes analyzing and understanding behavior of the visitors of a website and other related statistics which help us in improving the overall performance of a website.
Social Media Marketing
Facebook alone has 750 million users across the world. Twitter is used by top companies as a communication tool. Businesses maintain active blogs to provide more information to their present and potential customers. Learn how to increase brand awareness & long term sales using social media..
Online Advertising
78% of people who have used online advertising once finds it better in comparison to conventional advertising and 82% out of them say that they will use it again. The reason that online advertising is so damn effective is because of its real time tracking cost effectiveness and niche targeting. Learn how to do online advertising..
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing has just started in India contrarily to what it is in United States. Generate leads or bring in potential customers for business online and get paid. Earning opportunity in affiliate marketing is unlimited. Top affiliate marketers earn million millions of dollars every year. I’ll learn how to do affiliate marketing only from the experts in this field who themselves are a renowned name in the industry..
Email Marketing
It is the essence of internet marketing. We all receive emails that keep on selling us something or the other. In email marketing course learn 3 different and successful methods of doing email marketing.
Adsense Blogging
Why is the internet biggest source of information? Do you think that people just publish a blog or provide piece of information for nothing? After the introduction of adsense in year 2001, a platform by Google through which you can earn money by placing ads on your blog/website, people started writing more blogs/websites just to earn money with adsense ads. However, scenario is completely different now due to competition. As per what expert’s say- 99% of people who try to earn money with adsense fail miserably. We teach you a successful method through which you will make money with adsense and will be part of the remaining 1% successful entrepreneurs online.

What You Learn?

  • Enter the most lucrative industry in the world
  • Increase your value. Propel your stagnant career
  • Give employers extra reasons to hire you
  • Gain expertise in operating business online
  • Furnish your qualification with edge on others
  • High career growth with advanced skills
  • Earn commissions as an affiliate marketer
  • Work as a part time freelancer

Questions That You Will Be Able To Answer After Training Program

1- How to set up & grow business on internet?
2- How to define your target market?
3- How to reach target market?
4- How to spread awareness?
5- How to bring targeted traffic to your website?
6- How to do Performance based advertising?
7- How to measure your competitor’s activities?
8- How & what to communicate?
9- How to follow up with current & prospect customers?
10- How to generate leads & sales online?
11- How to measure the behavior of your visitors?
12- How to track the performance of your website?

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WEEKEND BATCH– Saturday & Sunday

Starts On– 1st August 2017
Class Timings
Saturday– 1.00 pm-4.00 pm
Sunday– 2.00 pm-5.00 pm
Duration- 8 weeks

EVENING BATCH– Monday-Friday

Starts On– 1st August 2017
Class Timings–  10.30 am to 12.30 pm
Duration– 4 weeks

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