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flixtape netflix

Flixtape –

Remember the days of audio cassette when you’d make mixtapes of favourite songs to share with friends? This new site lets you do something similar with Netflix by curating and sharing your favorite films and TV series. It’s a simple enough process: give your Flixtape a name, prompting the service to find three starting matches, then edit your playlist, adding up to six titles before customizing the cover and posting the result on social media or sharing it by email. The recipient needs Netflix to watch your selection, and you can’t break down your playlist to individual episodes (a major omission, in our opinion), but it’s still a clever and fun way of bringing viewers together. Read More

Citroën Origins

Citroën Origins –

Car manufacturers’ websites tend to lack a certain va-va-voom, but not this brilliant celebration of nearly 100 years of Citroën history, which presents you with 48 iconic vehicles and a timeline slider that tells you when they were made. Click one and the engine really starts to rev – not only do you get instant stats, but you can also see a 360-degree view of the car, sit behind the wheel, enjoy sounds ranging from the horn to the wipers, browse original brochures and adverts, and read full product specs. We love that each vehicle is accompanied by music representing its period and were driven to distraction by the quality of this site. Read More

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