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About Anil Valvi

Photo: For official/press/event stuff, feel free to use

Born: Aug 24, 1985
Hometown: Sydney, AUS

Get in touch: hello at anilvalvi dot com (please don’t use Facebook, I rarely check it)

Networks (from most to least used): TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Slideshare, Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, FourSquare

Professional/Event Bio: Anil Valvi is the founder & director of Dynastic Tech, a premier digital Marketing services provider. My Blog is all about how organizations can optimize their online presence & branding. I help to businesses understand how to use marketing stuffs to find leads, increase sales & improve branding. Topics include Search Engine Marketing, inbound & content marketing, and Social Media Marketing. Want to follow me elsewhere online? I’m most active on Twitter. I have a lot of other social media profiles out there, but contacting me via email [hello at anilvalvi dot com] will likely get the fastest response — and I’m always open to invitations to connect there, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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