How to get the theater effect while watching YouTube Videos

It is possible to add a movie-theater effect on YouTube such that the entire screen except the video will get dimmed whenever you are watching a video. There is a browser extension called Turn off the Lights that is available for both the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Once Turn off the Lights has been installed in your browser, a lamp icon will appear in your URL address bar.

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How to Distribute Your Content without Breaking Your Budget

Content distribution is the most important aspect of content marketing. If you are able to write the best content for your website, but you are not able to distribute it properly, you will not be able to attract much people to it. So, it is important to have a solid strategy in content distribution that will allow you to spread your content far and wide in order to reach more and more people. Here are easy ways to distribute your content without breaking your budget:


1. Share Your Content on Various Social Media Platforms

You can always share the link to your content in various social media platforms that you use. But, not only that, you can also put a cheap ad campaign on Facebook in order to attract more readers to your content. If you just put your content on your website, it won’t be enough to attract people’s attention very much. But, with the additional traffic coming from various social media platforms, you will be able to get maximum traffic to your content.

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How to Post an Image That Gets Shared A Lot on Pinterest

People talk too much about Facebook and Twitter, but have you ever considered using Pinterest as your main social media marketing platform? The key to succeed in Pinterest lays in the way you present your image. So, how to make your business succeed on Pinterest? Here’s a simple answer: Make people pin and share your image! Here are some tips to post an image that gets shared a lot on Pinterest:

  1. Make It Visually Appealing And Informative

Do you want to attract as much attention as possible on Pinterest? It’s simple. You just have to follow two rules when you create an image to be published on this social media platform. First, it has to be visually appealing. Remember, an image can worth a thousand words, and if your image is stunning and amusing, people will stick their eyes to it. Second, it has to be informative, meaning it has to give a valuable message to your audience. Continue reading

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How to Optimize Images for Online Stores

Image optimization is a main part for creating a winning situation for an eCommerce site. Since most people generally find about any thing of their products online, your product would have a good chance like any other to disappear in front of customers, if your images are not optimized as needed.

Here are a number of guidelines for setting up your images to get indexed well in Google’s image search page:

1. Optimize Names

It is likely that you would have tens of thousands photos in your website, optimizing all one by one may be a scary task.  There are many advantages to do this, though. In similar manner, the specific part of keywords in the site can help getting higher rank and indexing for the keyword in the search engine, the good use of keyword for your images can help getting higher rank and indexing as well.

Let’s take an exemplary photo as an example:

Black 3 Button Mens shirt

The names of file for your images should be expressive, and include the following amount of keywords. These are:

  • image file name
  • image alt tag
  • image name

For this exemplary photo, instead of naming the photo as PRODUCTIMAGE.jpg for the file name, a good way would be to express it as: Black-3-Button-Mens-shirt.jpg.

There are a small number of changes you can consider to name this photo, but normally it’s most excellent to look at the past searches at your web analytics to observe how your visitors are trying to search for product.

The alt tag for the photo is essential as well, because a browser will show this alt text while the image could not be shown properly due to low speed of internet. Alt tags are also essential for the nearly blind, as they depend upon browser to read the image name from alt tags to understand about what the photos are.

Each image should use a related alt tag. For ease of use, you can choose the file name for in alt tag with not using any hyphen.

 2. Optimize Loading Times

It may not look much important, but one or two extra seconds of loading images on your site can suffer your customer. In accordance with Kissmetrics, almost every consumer takes around 5 seconds on their smart device earlier than they close the site. Desktop visitors are even less caring, taking 3 seconds normally.

Here’s a right principles that provides guidance for images: the bigger the file size, the more it will need time for the page to appear. To overcome this issue, you can shrink the image size by compressing them.

If your website has just a small number of images to optimize, you can consider any of following image editing programs:

  • PicMonkey
  • Pixlr
  • Pic Resize
  • Gimp
  • FotoFlexer

If you have tens of thousands of images, optimize them by compressing one by one is almost certainly not a workable option.  If you have such a situation, here are a small number of plug-ins that can compress your images in groups.

If your website runs on WordPress, integrate any of following plug-ins and use your images with them:

  • WP
  • Cloudinary
  • EWWW Image Optimizer

There are further, related plug-ins and extensions for WP based website like Magento and Joomla.

 3. Select Optimal Image File Types

Some types of image files can have an effect on the operations of a website, so it’s good to select the appropriate file type for smoothly running the site.

 Three of the most commonly used image file types are:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF

 JPEG formats normally have a low file size and good quality of image, whereas GIFs is good for smaller images. PNGs is for more colorful images than JPEGs and GIFs, but file size may be greatly big.

 4. Make An Image Sitemap

image-sitemapGoogle maintains their objective with image search is to show the most appropriate results to visitors, and it is not different than their objective for web search. Together with using your images the best, you can achieve more the chances of having your images ranked and indexed by making a sitemap for your images, and integrate it to Google Webmaster Tools. It is particularly essential if JavaScript is applied on images. You can also image sitemap to your main website’s sitemap.

There are more than a few tools that can produce a sitemap:

  • Inspyder
  • Google sitemap generator 

5. Enable Image Sharing on Social Media

Social media is a central part of online marketing, and it is also important in search engine ranking.

There’s a chance for products to achieve marketing boost on bookmarking websites like Pinterest. The bigger the exposure your brand get, the more chance your business has at getting new customers.

To enhance the probability of your product pages being discussed, social sharing functions should be integrated to every page of the site.

If your images are attractive and exclusive, your possibility of getting extra traffic from the social media alone will be an additional influence to utilize this technique.

Don’t spend time in social media sites that aren’t providing any result, however. If your clients are not visiting Pinterest, then it doesn’t give any value, means you should not put it into your approach. You should spend more time and attempts into the social media websites where your clients are spending more time, and are willing to share your brand.

Feel free to share your ideas in the comments.

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7 Steps To Create A Profitable Niche Blog In 7 Days

The simplest way to make money blogging is to create an extremely targeted niche blog in which you will give regular information related to your niche to your audience. You will also promote related products in your blog. This is the way you make money from your blog. Building a blog like this is also quite simple. Here are 7 steps to create a profitable niche blog in 7 days:

Day 1 – Pick A Desperate Niche

Picking-A-NicheThe most profitable niche that you can pick for your blog is desperate niche. Why? That’s because people are spending millions of dollars a year just to get rid of their problem. They do this desperately. People who are thinking about their problem for a long time will want to get rid of it in any way possible. This is your opportunity to help them and make profit at the same time. If you see a problem that people are desperately trying to solve, that’s your desperate niche. Pick that niche for the foundation of your blog. Read more Five Sites to Help You Find Your Niche Market

Day 2 – Buy Domain And Hosting

Now that you’ve got your niche ready, you should start thinking about choosing a good domain name for your blog. The name of your blog is important. It will help you to build your brand and popularity later. So, choose a catchy name that is still related with your blog niche. Then, once you’ve picked a good name, register it immediately on GoDaddy or NameCheap. You should also choose a good hosting that will accompany your domain and host your blog files. A good hosting has unlimited bandwidth, unlimited web space, and 99.99% uptime. Try to use HostGator or BlueHost if you don’t know what hosting to choose.

Day 3 – Create Evergreen Content For Your Blog

Now that everything is set up, you should be able to start posting content to your blog. One tip for you about blog content: you should prioritize evergreen content over temporary content. What does it mean? It means that you should make your blog as a good source of information that will be relevant forever. Relevancy is important, and it will help your blog to thrive even 5 years from now. Your goal is to populate your blog with as many evergreen content as possible for the first 3-6 months. Read More – Using Evergreen Content for Long-Term Results

Day 4 – Set Up Social Media Connections

Social media is becoming more and more important nowadays. Search engines like Google take a lot more emphasis on your social media popularity to determine your blog rank in the search result. So, it is important for you to set up social media connections and make your blog popular enough in social media. This will help you gain more traffic to your blog later.

Day 5 – Prepare A Video Channel

You should prepare a video channel for your blog on YouTube. It’s one of the best traffic sources for your blog. Then, release regular videos related to your niche. Don’t forget that your videos should be useful for your audience and make them want to subscribe to your channel. Your goal is to increase your subscribers in your channel and constantly promote your blog in each of your video release.

Day 6 – Write Some Guest Post

Connecting with other blogs will help you to make your blog known within your niche. Also, it will help you to establish your expert status within your niche so that your blog will become more trustworthy for your audience. Writing some guest posts regularly is important to keep your blog connected with other blogs, thus increasing your blog presence within your niche. It is also useful to attract new audience to your blog, which will be interested toward what you are offering.

Day 7 – Establish Reputation On Forums

Lastly, forum marketing is important as well. Most of your audiences are probably visiting several popular forums in order to discuss with others about their problem. This is your opportunity to connect with them and establish good relationship with your audience. Forums are great places to promote your blog and establish your blog authority. Build respect on popular forums within your niche and help other forum members as much as possible. In this way, others will see you, as well as your blog, as a useful source of information that they can trust.

Those are 7 steps to create a profitable niche blog in 7 days. If you are struggling to make money with your blog, those steps are worth to follow. You don’t need to complete those steps in exactly 7 days, but those steps can really guide you to achieve your goal in your blogging business.

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5 Great Articles about Social Media Marketing in 2014

Emergence of newer and more attractive social networking platforms day after day is making the digital space to internet users nothing but a dense corner full of aplenty-but-puzzling offerings. Therein, choosing an appropriate social stage over the internet where you can expect the best returns of your time and effort will surely be going to become a tough task ahead. In fact, it is still a hard job.

social media 2014The traditional social media has moved ahead of Facebook and twitter era in last few years, and is expected to evolve even more rapidly and gigantically in upcoming years. So, as 2014 is almost on doorstep, all social network users are curious to know where it will go from here. For this reason, we have picked 5 great contents on this topic that are already posted over the internet. Each of these articles elaborated the foreseeable future, prospects and possibilities of this biggest and most frequent social sharing platform in coming year.

1. The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014

This article by Jayson DeMers, published in, is certainly the best described and well specified article we found over internet – worth stand top of the list. A good job done by Jayson in pin pointing the most expected and apprehended turnovers we may be going to witness just after few months in the trend of social media marketing. Just like most of other experts of the niche, the author strongly observes that social media will shape like a necessity for business of all sizes in future, rather than becoming a delight. Sites like Google+, LinkedIn and MySpace will emerge as the new hubs of business, and consumers will be more likely to get interested in less time consuming and more entertaining stuffs like micro-video and info-graphics only. On the same time, the writer expects that drop in the popularity of facebook and twitter will certain to continue in the New Year as well.

2. How Social Media Campaigns Will Change In 2014

Reading this article by Drew Hendricks, published yet again on, will surely give you a clear vision about the expected picture of social media campaigns in 2014. Hendricks feels that the market will witness a deeper shift towards exposure, measurement, analysis, content aggregation and shorter but impressive and quality content. Therefore, social platforms like Digg, Instagram and Vine may go to catch an increased fame in coming year.  Also, Hendricks is completely agreed with Jayson on the rise of Google+.

3. 2014 Social Media/Online Marketing Trends: What’s Coming Down the Pike

The writer, Neal Leavitt in this article, published on, actually have merged thoughts from around the globe to give a final though about the expected social media trend in 2014. According to Neal, mobile accessibility, and image-centric, showy and interesting content will be the key points in newly arriving year.

4. Social Media Trends for 2014

This article by Marina Arnaout, published on, doesn’t look much different from the one published by Jayson DeMers at, but you will enjoy reading it. Furthermore, the article tells you how native advertising, ads, photos and video may be going to become a linchpin for digital marketers looking to make the best of social media in the year knocking at our doorsteps.

5. Search and social will not be separate marketing endeavors in 2014

After reading this article by JD Rucker on, you may feel out of the league for some time, but it raises an important point in context of predicated drift in the social media marketing. Rucker notices and describes that the current scenario clearly indicates that search and social media will collaborate soon, and search engine will become an integral piece of most of social media sites with the departure of 2013. As a result, popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pintereest will become more prominent as a search engine for consumers, and a ground of battle for businesses.

So there we have it – 5 best articles about the most expected picture of social media in 2014. What do you have to say in it? Is there any point these authors are missing or any other important information you want to share with us? Feel free to post a comment!

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4 Secrets That Will Help You to Find a Quality Website

Anyone can publish anything in the current digital space, whether it is correct or not; everyone has the liberty to post whatever they want to. Consequently, loads of incorrect content get visible over the internet every day, and the already stuffed internet world find another wave of puzzling and irrelevant content ready to make it more puzzling ocean.

Meanwhile, the general process of finding relevant resources on the web that includes leveraging a search engine, a directory, or sometimes both, has become much and more complicated today. Due to excess of options, chances are tremendously high that that you may find and pick incorrect and unreliable information for your use, just to save time or efforts. But, at last you feel like a complete wastage of everything. All and all, it is significantly important for you, as an internet user, to keep a crucial eye on the website’s credibility and others important factors, any before using its information.


Determining a website’s trustworthiness and credibility is often considered a difficult task as most people think it may require some special sort of technical knowledge. But, it is quite easy, and you just need not to be a tech-pro to know about the accuracy of the webpage you are going to use.

Here in this article, I have put 4 simple methods to check it out:

1. Check Website’s Page Rank: This is definitely the most effective and easiest methods to determine a webpage’s accuracy and reliability. Instead of making a throughout examination of the webpage, simply check its Page Rank in one of several online Page Rank tools Like PR exists in between the range of 0-10. Webpages with good, genuine and proven content get higher page ranks. So, checking the page rank will certainly let you learn more about the website you have chosen.

2. Check Whois Data for Domain Age (More than 1 year old site would be good): The domain age represents the total age of a website, and is one of the major factors used to verify a website’s quality. To find the age of a particular website, copy the URL of the site, and check its complete details into Whois, a renowned place amidst webmasters.

3. Check Domain Authority & Page Authority in Open Site Explorer (should be min. 30/100): Domain authority and Page Authority showcases estimated prediction in numbers from 0-100 by internet experts for how well the website is performing in search engines rankings. To check a particular website’s domain authority, you can visit However, make sure you are picking the webpage with DA & PA less than 30 only.

4. Check Social Integration: In today’s trendy era, social network is stronger and more helpful than never before.  Have a close look at its social sharing, network and image, and you’ll be more likely to plot a genuine decision about the website.

No doubt, this is not the end, and there are a number of other ways as well. But, if your picked website is passed from all these factors, it would be safe to use.

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The Top Benefits of Guest Blogging

Most of experts consider content as one of the major areas of importance for SEOs to concentrate on in 2013 and so on. It is particularly the case with Google’s current algorithm updates that concentrate on fresh, original content. Though, simply placing original and great posts on your own site isn’t going to get the most of your online existence.

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging

Guest blogging on further blogs is a great approach to gain a huge number of followers on social media websites, at the same time as also gaining authority. Here you can read HOW GUEST BLOGGING WILL CHANGE AFTER NEXT PENGUIN 2.0

Because a lot of online users visit the similar social networks and relevant blogs on a normal basis (even every day), finding the same blogger in multiple places makes the idea stronger that this blogger is a specialist in their relevant field. This is because of the reality that they are not only publishing useful posts, but that posts are also being shown on websites that are of good reputation and useful.

Guest blogging typically takes much time, but it can pay off many more, particularly when it comes to developing branding.


Good quality content is even of great import as a number of readers are getting the most of their knowledge and news online rather than every night television news programs or newspapers. It means that there is a massive contents being published every day, and the more blogs a blogger is shown on, the better.

In the online advertising world, bloggers know that a prospective customer must be disclosed to an ad many times earlier than they start making positive feelings or unconscious identification of the product or brand.

The similar could be considered for the online existence of a blogger. Not just do bloggers with published guest posts on a broad range of blogs get more disclosure, they get more chances to have a positive involvement among readers.


Encouraging affiliation with brand names certainly drives credibility for blogger and the blogs for which they make guest posts. A blogger who has been publishing posts on blogs will almost certainly be seen as higher credibility than any other who do not post guest posts at all. It can be not easy to get famous as a guest writer for top blogs, so, at first setting up smaller blogs and posting contents on them to make a good portfolio will start getting the online credibility that will develop when the blogger has been posting on more famous blogs. It also helps to show any kind of practice that may direct to good posts.

Inbound Links

Boosting blog’s traffic is one of the major drives why a lot of writers select to start guest blogging in the first time. Some blogs let writers to publish a biography and/or their social networking profile at the end of their article. These links provide organic traffic and improve search engine ranking, resulting in higher visibility in search engine.

Because the guest blogging makes available inbound links, it’s of great import to publish only content of higher quality. Building links is almost always valuable, because inbound link plays the most important part in the search engine result. The caring, useful, and worthy content that provide traffic and steady involvement will facilitate you publish more frequently at each website.

Social Media Growth

Linking your blog with social media profiles can boost your online status. If a visitor likes your post, he or she will also see your social media profile to see what kind of articles you have posted on other blogs.

These social shares will accelerate the social media growth at the same time as also providing traffic to your contents, which also increase your blogs rank.


In addition entire promotional tweets and likes, your contents also frequently get discussed on social networking sites through the comment section, and by email, which could provide great sales. For instance, I get emails time and again from visitors giving thanks me for my contents and sending LinkedIn requests.

After replying, you leave an optimistic relationship with the visitors. The next time your reader may request you for some services or products, you would be the first one to facilitate them.


Whether you are in search of more coverage, trustworthiness, backlinks, social media contact, networking prospects or all of them, guest blogging is really a valuable online marketing strategy.

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The Value of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a widespread exercise now, but a few people aren’t sure to a certain extent what it has the value, how to start to deal with it and where to find successful possibility.

There are several benefits to guest blogging, in addition to employing guest content writers to publish contents on your blog.

Employing Guest Posts

  • It saves your time by providing more content, which will keep providing your blog the constant traffic.
  • It provides up-to-date contents to your readers by providing broad knowledge of their interest, even if it may not be specialized in that topic.
  • Guest posts, when they are written by high quality writers, then you blog will look more authentic and official.
  • Beside other sources of traffic and bakclinks, the guest posts are also a great source to get higher ranking and indexing in search results.
Value of Guest Blogging
Value of Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging For You

  • If you find the chance to post guest posts for somebody else’s blog, you can have opportunity to examine a new audience, with a bit of luck, that audience may be same you are looking for. It can also make you an expert in the field of knowledge where you make guest posts.
  • You can build or improve a relationship strategically. If you would like to build one, offering a guest blog is also a better first step. If you have built such relationship already, posting a guest blog will make you feel proud. It’s a remarkable way to develop trust and agreement. Read More about 100+ PR1-PR8 Blogs Accepting Guest Posts
  • SEO! One of the most excellent advantages to publishing your blog post on somebody else’s blog is to get a nice backlink for your blog. If you’re making guest posts on a well ranked & indexed blog, it can help provide your blog higher ranking & indexing as well. But the backlink must be made directing to your blog.

From another point of view, there can also some issues while employing guest blogger or making guest posts.

A Few Things to Consider For

  • Guest blogging is beyond doubt a genuine marketing and SEO approach, and has grown throughout the past year as it became a great and easy approach for SEO-but in some ways, it can become black hole for spammers. While someone send you a request for blog post, make sure to examine them carefully earlier than you accept their request. If their email looks like spam than their blog post almost certainly will be spam as well. If your sixth sense confirms it as spam then trust yourself.
  • You may get more than one guest blogging request, do not accept them without any reason. Otherwise stated, if someone send you the request for guest blogging but does not request any kind of guest post from you, it’s almost certainly not worth it. As might be expected, if you’re searching a strategic partner, it may be extra reasons to acknowledge the post.

You’re posting topic and the topic of your guest blogger should not be same, but important enough to exchange good value. If you want to hire or interested the guest blogging services or reach me on @anilbvalvi

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Revitalize Your Blog with 5 Simple Web Design Tips

Today’s blog visitors are fascinated not only by your blog content, but also by your blog design. That’s why there are many companies that offer paid themes for bloggers. Not only those themes can help to enhance your blog, they can also make your blog more reader-friendly. However, you don’t need to purchase another expensive WordPress theme just to make your blog more appealing to your visitors. You can apply these 5 simple web design tips to revitalize your blog:

Note: Before you begin tweaking your blog design, you must position yourself in your readers’ shoes. It means that you have to pretend to be your own reader, and see your blog design from this perspective. In this way you’ll be able to see whether your design is good or bad, ugly or appealing.

1. Cleanliness of your blog design

The goal for this tweak is to avoid clutters in your blog design. Remember that people want to see a clean blog, and they like clean blog more than cluttered blog. You might be inclined to put unnecessary widgets or banners or columns in your blog because you think that it will make your blog livelier. But, the reality is that those unnecessary spaces in your blog are similar with unnecessary clutters in your house. They’re annoying and need to be cleaned from your blog. A clean blog is always preferable.

2. Captivating blog header

Your blog header is the first spot that your visitors will see in your blog. It is the center of attraction of your blog. A good header should captivate your blog readers instantly. A good way to make an attractive blog header is to hire a logo designer to make your blog stand out. Moreover, a good header and blog logo will contribute to a successful branding in your blog. If you want your blog to be seen as an authoritative blog in your niche, you should put a good header in your blog.

3. Simple navigation

What I mean by simple navigation is that your blog must not include unnecessary links that will only distract your visitors, especially on the main menu. For categorization, use as simple category name as possible for each category. Don’t use more than two words in your blog category because it will tend to make your blog complicated. Use one word or two words category inside your blog, such as Writing, Blogging, Marketing, and so on. Use parent and child categorization as much as possible because you can keep the simplicity of your blog in this way.

4. What’s your focus?

Some blogs focus on texts as content, while some others will focus on multimedia items such as videos and podcasts. What’s your blog focus? If you think that the content of your blog is best delivered in plain text without any images, then choose a blog design that will be best for plain text blog. There are many of them. It should be able to make your blog look more minimalistic. However, if you want to focus on sharing videos and images in your blog, then choose the blog design that can accommodate your blogging needs, and especially it should be able to let you blog on your focused area.

5. Avoid design war

What is design war anyway? Design war merely means a chaotic blog design that will only make distractions all over your blog. For instance, certain color schemes are not compatible with other color schemes. When you apply conflicting color schemes in your blog, your blog will look awkward and it will generally become annoying to read. It’s the same when you put certain images in your blog. Some images are not good to be placed in certain areas inside your blog. You should avoid this kind of design war inside your blog to keep your blog clean from distraction.

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