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Ultimate Guide : How to build backlink with Broken Links Method

What is Broken links Method ?

Broken links method is most popular in link building activities, but only if and when they are repaired.

Repairing broken link means that you will have to replace it with the original URL or with a new one, which I’ll be discussing here.

In general terms of SEO, link building can be divided as back links and broken links building.

Although back links are commonly used, broken links are more relevant, because they are more specific.

Another reason is the fact this strategy literally makes the internet a better place because it eliminates the errors.

Search engines pay a special attention to this, meaning that your link building strategy will be appreciated and awarded with higher organic traffic.

The definition is that you will help webmasters to replace broken links and therefore have a more relevant and better content on their websites.

At the same time, they will link to your websites, which is mutual benefit.

Below I will try to assist you by giving you the ultimate guide for creating amazing links that will not only boost the traffic on the website but only spread your content across the internet.

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Link Building

The New Age of Link Building 2017– How to Build Trust

Almost everyone in the world of Internet business is aware and knowledgeable of SEO and link building, but only a few know how to really make most of it. Why?

It’s simple, it’s because most Internet marketers, bloggers, SEO practitioners, etc are already accustomed with the idea of links make your online business visible. Of course that is what everyone is really aiming at, more traffic.

But one thing that we all know – but we wouldn’t dare to touch – is the concept of constant evolution of Internet and search marketing, in which we are all scared to reinvent the existing wheel and experiment on something futuristic.

Anyway, I wouldn’t really discuss super advanced methodologies here. I’ll just help explain how and why your web marketing plans should shift its fundamental principles to much greater heights, which means more power to your campaign and more profits to gain.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

5 Tricks for Getting Deeper Visitor Insight with Your Current CRO Tools

Conversion Rate Optimization is all about understanding your target audience and what makes them tick. CRO tools are essential to gaining that insight, but you don’t necessarily have to invest in a new tool every time you want to dig a little deeper. In fact, often all you have to do is take advantage of the more advanced features of your current tools.

Here are 5 tricks for how to get deeper visitor insight without investing in new tools.

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Growth Hacking


We all know by now that the increasingly over-populated digital landscape of content marketing makes it almost impossible to ensure that your message is heard, especially by your “influencers”. These highly recognized experts make them a coveted audience, due to their ability to sway the opinions of so many others.

What can you do to get their attention? While a large and booming virtual megaphone would be oh-so-helpful, I haven’t found one yet.

However, in the absence of said large and booming virtual microphone, I have found something else and it’s rather awesome: growth hacking.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

10 CRO Experts Reveal Their Biggest A/B Testing Mistakes

A/B testing is much more difficult and complex than most vendors and blog posts would have you think.

There are literally hundreds of ways to screw up your A/B tests and if you aren’t careful, testing can easily do more harm than good to your online business.

In this article, 10 CRO experts with extensive hands-on experience will reveal their biggest A/B testing mistakes so you can learn from them an avoid these pitfalls yourself.

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Link Building

6 Reasons Why You Should Get Testimonials for Your Business Now

Before coming to us, some of our customers failed to understand the importance of testimonials and reviews for their business. Most businesses have problems collecting testimonials efficiently or don’t know what to do with them when collected. Absolutely no one told us they measured the use of testimonials and their value to business.

For these reasons I decided to write a testimonial guide and share some valuable tips and expertise in the field. The first part explains some of the benefits of testimonials and will show you why you should get testimonials now. 

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Google Adwords

Best Keyword Tips for Google AdWords Beginners

AdWords campaigns are a great deal about keywords.

After all, search terms introduced by searchers are the cause that will trigger your ads.

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The New Blogger Habits that Can Hurt Your Blog Ranking

When you have a new blog, you need to do something for it. Yes, you need to increase your blog ranking so that you can get more organic traffic coming in.

Additionally, if you are a new blogger, you should make sure not to make any mistakes that will keep your blog ranking in low place. Why is that?

That’s because many newbie bloggers will invariably make mistakes in their blogging habits. And unfortunately, those mistakes can bring their new blog into permanent low ranking that won’t help it to attract traffic at all.

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What Areas Does Your Business Overspend?

There are a variety of different areas that businesses find themselves overspending.  If you are an up and coming business, some of these areas may come as a shock to you.

Small business owners will likely use accurate financial statements each month to help them focus on their budgeting.  Most business owners will get these from a bookkeeper, but do they really understand what they say?  If not, then overspending is a lot easier.  Businesses that overspend are usually not in full control of their finances.

There are two overlooked costs that are typically involved when it comes to overspending.  They may appear to be unimportant, but when you take a look at them over a long period of time it can be much more apparent.  These include:

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Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

The History Of Search Engines

The World Wide Web is a vast repository of data and innovative concepts. To a user, searching for a particular webpage in the internet can prove to be a daunting chore.

This is where the search engine comes in. This useful internet program assists the user in exploring the Internet by keeping an index of keywords that enables it to locate a website with any particular keyword. With this obvious utility factor, search engines have thus become an indispensable tool of the internet.

During the early days in search engine history, indexes are composed of merely a few thousand pages. After advances in technology and several years later, web page compatibility with search engines improved consistently that nowadays these engines are capable of listing any website through the use of varying keyword combinations, handling huge volumes of queries daily.

The workings of a search engine

A search engine works by searching databases using a list, or index, of stored single words or phrases, called keywords, and matching websites.

A program known as a spider is responsible for adding different websites and their keywords in the search engine index. As the spider encounters more links in the internet, it makes connections with the websites in those links and adds their keywords to the index.

Any website reached by the spider can be opened through the search engine. Upon entry of a keyword a list of websites retrieved from the index appears, and clicking on a link will open the actual page.

The spider program is designed to ignore the article content of a page and instead look for terms present in titles, subtitles and meta-tags.

An Evolutionary Timeline of Search Engines

Archie, the first search engine, was created by a University student named Alan Emtage. It was designed to locate items in the internet using file names.

By the year 1993 a program called Aliweb was introduced. Its developers created the web directory program manually, and so the program itself is severely limited in its function. Another program known as JumpStation was invented in the same year using spider technology, and earned the distinction of being the first modern search engine. It lets internet users find keywords in web page headers and titles.

At first this was hugely successful. Eventually, this search engine became inefficient in proportion to the increasing volume of websites being added to the internet and closed down entirely in 1994.

By then another engine with improved features, Web Crawler has taken over its place. For example, it already has the ability to search a webpage’s entire content. Later on, its owners would sell it to Excite, an internet portal.

Next down the line was Lycos. It boasted superior features to conventional search engines of that time, such as improved keyword matching and relevantly-ordered list retrievals. Two years later MetaCrawler, the world’s first metasearch engine, was created. It provided a very useful service in that it can search other search engines and index the results.

By 1997, Yahoo had entered the scene, developed by two university students at Stanford named David Filo and Jerry Yang. Its contemporaries include AltaVista which used spider technology, and is capable of handling web pages daily in the millions.

Before that same year ended the well-known search engine called Google made its appearance for the first time. This was considered an important event in search engine history, with Google already employs an effective system known as page ranking. The system worked by ranking pages based on how many links it has.

Today, Google has become hugely popular with users because of its vast index. The term googling, at present, refers to the practice of searching for information through Google. Microsoft has also launched its own search engine, called Bing, which operates using categorized searches. This lets the user search for images and videos better, and allows previewing of searched items.

Popular Search Engines Today

Some popular search engines today include Bing, the Chinese-based Baidu, Sogou and Sohu search engines, Duck Duck Go, the Russian language-based Yandex,,, and the now-defunct Cuil.

Search Engines in the Future

The today majority of the internet’s search engines uses exact keyword matches, which is somewhat unreliable since individual words can have various meanings. In the future, search engine development will enable the use of searches based on concepts and not just keywords, and will be capable of processing queries in a way a question is posed to a human person, a process called natural language query.

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Finance Money Making

Are You Considering Equity Finance for Your Small Business?

Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you decide whether or not equity finance is right for you:

#1 Is your company a registered limited company?

If you want to take full advantage of equity finance, then you will have to have a registered limited company.  This will allow you to allocate company shares to the investors that are outside of the company.  If you don’t know if you should move to a limited company structure, then you will want to weigh the pros and cons.

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Links, Backs and Local Search: An Interview with Dr. Michael Dorausch

I talked to Michael Dorausch (a.k.a. Dr. Mike), a real Los Angeles Chiropractor (ADIOLA). Also Planet Chiropractic guy, SEO Speaker, Distance Runner, Author and Photographer..

Michael has an impressive background in both chiropractic and online marketing. Through marketing his business and his site for chiropractors, he’s become well-rounded in SEO, social media and content creation.

I asked Dr. Mike about some local search topics, including how online reviews affect rankings and the importance of photos.  I even got him to dish a bit about his celebrity clients (he’s based in LA!)…

Interview with Michael Dorausch

It’s pretty safe to say you’re the best chiropractor/SEO out there. What advice would you give local business owners wanting to learn about SEO but don’t think they have enough extra time to master a new skill set (you know, running their own businesses and all)?

I’d advise local business owners to learn enough to know who they should be working with. I’ve said it before, but the SEO community is a genuine group of hard working and helpful individuals, once you get to know who’s for real. Those are the people to learn from. Get outside the echo chamber of local business advice and follow SEOs online, go to a few conferences, buy drinks and ask questions.

Can you briefly explain the relationship between customer review sites and local SEO? What are some ethical ways businesses can encourage and leverage customer reviews?

Most everyone has come to the conclusion that review sites have gained quite an importance in the world of local SEO. Not only in citations and better rankings, but actual relationships that develop between business and consumers.

Reviews matter, and while the practice of writing reviews has become more culturally accepted, there’s an art and science to encourage ethically. In the US, consumers are educated that quality service is typically rewarded with a 15% gratuity, why not a positive and constructive review?

Ethical ways include having an online presence offline. By that I mean incorporating ways to get the message across within the business. Have logos/stickers viewable for the usual review sites (they are mailing them to businesses anyways) and pay attention to who recognizes them.

  • Speak in positive tones and say “thank you” often.
  • Don’t ask for “5 stars” or mention sites by name.
  • Be grateful and open to suggestion from clients.

When someone new comes into our office and says “online reviews” led to their decision, we stop what we’re doing and openly thank everyone who is in the office at the time. We say thanks for helping us grow our business by providing care to new people in our community.

What are some ways to handle negative reviews? Should a business always respond, or does it make a company seem more “real” if they have a few critical reviews? What’s been your approach with your business?

I had a downright scathing negative review from someone last year, and it made my stomach churn the Monday morning I saw it. I felt it was totally uncalled for, but I’m the business owner, and it’s a tough head space to be in.

I didn’t respond to it and I didn’t call the person. I took a screen shot and printed it on the largest paper I had in the office, taped it to the front counter where every client would have to read it, and left it there for a week.

I don’t recommend that approach for everyone, but I learned something about client loyalty that week, and my patients had a blast picking on me. They also went online and posted some pretty humbling testimonials.

If a business only had the time and resources to build a presence on one social network, which one would you suggest as most essential for building local authority?

I’m going to have to go with Facebook, although I so strongly feel businesses should not lose touch of creating content on their local site/blog, and then share that content socially. It seems unfathomable to some that Facebook would ever be gone, but all social signals should route back to the business domain.


And lastly, with all due respect to doctor/patient confidentiality, care to share any crazy celebrity patient stories (we have to ask!)?

I’ll share one. There’s no doors in the adjusting rooms at our office, just divided walls and a fairly open environment. Being in Los Angeles, locals often act like we’re use to celebrities being around (I even have a few as neighbors), but we’ve had practice disguising our star gazing. Well, sometimes.

I had a patient up for an Academy Award that came in to get adjusted a few days prior to the Oscars, and there were several others in the office. One patient was already on a table in “Room 2” when I walked past with the celebrity patient into “Room 3,” about 12 steps away. I turned around and the Room 2 patient was in Room 3 with us, giddy like The Beatles were landing in America for the first time. It was awkward (for me) but the one shared appreciation and wished well on an Oscar win (to which I added don’t forget to thank God, your mom, and Dr. Mike!) and then went back to Room 2. Now the Room 2 patient only wants to get adjusted on the table in Room 3.

Thanks, you all rock!

Thanks for some great answers, Dr. Mike! And now I’m sure everyone reading this is trying to figure out who your Oscar nominee patient was…

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Digital Marketing Search Marketing

What to Consider Before Hiring an SEO Company

From time to time, businesses will find that they are just not really satisfied when it comes to their SEO.  Most of the time when they are not happy with their SEO results, they find that it has a lot to do with their expectations not being met.

Usually, the client and the company that is doing the SEO will meet and discuss ways that they can improve, and if no improvement is made then they may part their separate ways.

Here are a few things that you should do after you have hired an SEO consultant to improve your chances of having your expectations met.

Agree on Keywords

You should agree to the keywords that you will be using, as this is the best way for you to get an accurate measurement of your SEO performance.

You should work together to compile a list of keywords that are specific to your particular industry. The performance of the keywords that you choose should be measured every week by both you and your consultant.

Stay in Contact

It might be an obvious move, but there are so many people that don’t stay in touch with their SEO consultant.  You should not be fooled into thinking that communicating with your SEO consultant is completely up to you.  You will want to make sure that they know to contact you as well.  If they update you often and ask you for more information, this is always a good sign.

Agree on Attainable Goals

Don’t believe unrealistic claims.  For instance, some firms may say that they can move you to the first page on the search engines in just a matter of days.  SEO companies should never promise this.  It is simply not realistic.  You should focus on attainable goals for your SEO.  It can sometimes be difficult, and you may struggle from time to time, when it comes to building your rank.

See Links and Check Them

The SEO company that you are working with should have some guidelines set forth that will show you how they get their links.  They should also be able to explain their updates and processes to you in a way that you will understand them.  Sometimes companies will say one thing and do another.  You should check the links that they obtain to ensure that they are sticking to their rules and regulations.  You can also find out if they are using spammy techniques to build links.

Learn About SEO

This is probably the most important thing for you to take away from this article.  Your SEO consultant can tell you a lot about SEO and how to boost your rankings, but should you believe it all?  You won’t want to just take their word for it.  Instead, learn everything that you can about it.  This will help to ensure that you are on the same page as your consultant.

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Interview with Jason Acidre

Please give us your short bio.

I’m Jason Acidre, born and raised in the Philippines. I started out as a Pro-Counter strike Gamer and was an aspiring musician, before I entered the world of Search.

Now, I currently work as a Marketing Consultant for Doubledot Media Ltd., a New Zealand-based Web Development Company who serves more than 400,000 Internet professionals worldwide through brands such as Affilorama, Salehoo, Traffic Travis and many more.

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Conversion Rate Optimization Growth Hacking

Validation Boosts Website Lead Production

If you’re looking for a way to generate more leads and better leads from your online marketing campaigns, add lead validation to your process.

Lead validation is a human activity that adds depth and detail to computer- generated analytics.

The lead validator listens to recordings of phone inquiries and reads website form submissions to separate true sales leads from non-lead conversions.

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