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Link Building

The New Age of Link Building 2017– How to Build Trust

Almost everyone in the world of Internet business is aware and knowledgeable of SEO and link building, but only a few know how to really make most of it. Why?

It’s simple, it’s because most Internet marketers, bloggers, SEO practitioners, etc are already accustomed with the idea of links make your online business visible. Of course that is what everyone is really aiming at, more traffic.

But one thing that we all know – but we wouldn’t dare to touch – is the concept of constant evolution of Internet and search marketing, in which we are all scared to reinvent the existing wheel and experiment on something futuristic.

Anyway, I wouldn’t really discuss super advanced methodologies here. I’ll just help explain how and why your web marketing plans should shift its fundamental principles to much greater heights, which means more power to your campaign and more profits to gain.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

5 Tricks for Getting Deeper Visitor Insight with Your Current CRO Tools

Conversion Rate Optimization is all about understanding your target audience and what makes them tick. CRO tools are essential to gaining that insight, but you don’t necessarily have to invest in a new tool every time you want to dig a little deeper. In fact, often all you have to do is take advantage of the more advanced features of your current tools.

Here are 5 tricks for how to get deeper visitor insight without investing in new tools.

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Growth Hacking


We all know by now that the increasingly over-populated digital landscape of content marketing makes it almost impossible to ensure that your message is heard, especially by your “influencers”. These highly recognized experts make them a coveted audience, due to their ability to sway the opinions of so many others.

What can you do to get their attention? While a large and booming virtual megaphone would be oh-so-helpful, I haven’t found one yet.

However, in the absence of said large and booming virtual microphone, I have found something else and it’s rather awesome: growth hacking.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

10 CRO Experts Reveal Their Biggest A/B Testing Mistakes

A/B testing is much more difficult and complex than most vendors and blog posts would have you think.

There are literally hundreds of ways to screw up your A/B tests and if you aren’t careful, testing can easily do more harm than good to your online business.

In this article, 10 CRO experts with extensive hands-on experience will reveal their biggest A/B testing mistakes so you can learn from them an avoid these pitfalls yourself.

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Link Building

6 Reasons Why You Should Get Testimonials for Your Business Now

Before coming to us, some of our customers failed to understand the importance of testimonials and reviews for their business. Most businesses have problems collecting testimonials efficiently or don’t know what to do with them when collected. Absolutely no one told us they measured the use of testimonials and their value to business.

For these reasons I decided to write a testimonial guide and share some valuable tips and expertise in the field. The first part explains some of the benefits of testimonials and will show you why you should get testimonials now. 

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Google Adwords

Best Keyword Tips for Google AdWords Beginners

AdWords campaigns are a great deal about keywords.

After all, search terms introduced by searchers are the cause that will trigger your ads.

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The New Blogger Habits that Can Hurt Your Blog Ranking

When you have a new blog, you need to do something for it. Yes, you need to increase your blog ranking so that you can get more organic traffic coming in.

Additionally, if you are a new blogger, you should make sure not to make any mistakes that will keep your blog ranking in low place. Why is that?

That’s because many newbie bloggers will invariably make mistakes in their blogging habits. And unfortunately, those mistakes can bring their new blog into permanent low ranking that won’t help it to attract traffic at all.

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What Areas Does Your Business Overspend?

Your Business Overspend

There are a variety of different areas that businesses find themselves overspending.  If you are an up and coming business, some of these areas may come as a shock to you.

Small business owners will likely use accurate financial statements each month to help them focus on their budgeting.  Most business owners will get these from a bookkeeper, but do they really understand what they say?  If not, then overspending is a lot easier.  Businesses that overspend are usually not in full control of their finances.

There are two overlooked costs that are typically involved when it comes to overspending.  They may appear to be unimportant, but when you take a look at them over a long period of time it can be much more apparent.  These include:

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Finance Money Making

Are You Considering Equity Finance for Your Small Business?

Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you decide whether or not equity finance is right for you:

#1 Is your company a registered limited company?

If you want to take full advantage of equity finance, then you will have to have a registered limited company.  This will allow you to allocate company shares to the investors that are outside of the company.  If you don’t know if you should move to a limited company structure, then you will want to weigh the pros and cons.

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Interview with Jason Acidre

Please give us your short bio.

I’m Jason Acidre, born and raised in the Philippines. I started out as a Pro-Counter strike Gamer and was an aspiring musician, before I entered the world of Search.

Now, I currently work as a Marketing Consultant for Doubledot Media Ltd., a New Zealand-based Web Development Company who serves more than 400,000 Internet professionals worldwide through brands such as Affilorama, Salehoo, Traffic Travis and many more.

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Conversion Rate Optimization Growth Hacking

Validation Boosts Website Lead Production

If you’re looking for a way to generate more leads and better leads from your online marketing campaigns, add lead validation to your process.

Lead validation is a human activity that adds depth and detail to computer- generated analytics.

The lead validator listens to recordings of phone inquiries and reads website form submissions to separate true sales leads from non-lead conversions.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimizing Irrational Decisions – How conversion optimization helped a nonprofit increase donations by 274%

Atul Tandon, a veteran nonprofit marketer who has been instrumental in taking World Vision from a $350 Million dollar organization to over $1 Billion in annual revenue, once said, Donating is an irrational decision. And hes right.  If you think about it, when you donate, you give money to an organization and receive no material benefit in return. In fact, in most cases the benefit usually goes to someone else. 

But there is a benefit to the donor. That benefit, however, is much more difficult to define, and it depends on who the donor is and whats motivating them to give. Some give out of a sense or duty or responsibility. This is typical of the older generations of donors, while younger donors need to be inspired in order to give. They need to know that they will be making a difference.

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